Saggy small tits looks:

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Those are perfect. I really like the contrast of the blonde hair. Can you show the rest of the body? I'd love to see it.
My impression is that she's a free spirit. Yes?
Whats not to like? They aint small and the so called "saggy" is rubbish. They are just perfect!
I agree with seekmeasian.... I reckon the same that she is likely to be a free spirit and as well as that, she'd be in my "VERY sexy" folder. (if I had one)
Hows about some more snap shots of her on her knees showing off those tits from the front and side. Some rear shots also would be nice.....VERY nice.
Thanks for sharing & I'll come back for more.
Whow. She REALLY DOES have a gorgeous shape to her. I cant get my head around you calling those delightful tits being smal. For me, small is when a girl doesn't fill your hand when your spooning her and have your hands cupping her tit. There's ample tittie there and as well as that, those nips are just MAGIC.
She got a truly beautiful bod and your a VERY FORTUNATE guy to be able to see, touch, taste, fuck and explode inside her.
THANKS BIG TIME for sharing these photos of such a lovely.