japanese wife

Sad to say, that the photo is a bit too dark to view.
Would you have any more of her? Maybe of her curves as well as some more of her tits and those gorgeous protruding/ erect, dark brown. I love long dark nips ever since my first Asian partner. Slim thighs also that.
I'd like to see her on her knees with views from behind as well as from the head showing her gracious curves.
And while shes on all fours, a side shot or two or 3 or many many more of her gorgeous shapely body.
Thanks for the images so far. Your really have a foxy girl alright! VERY VERY NICE INDEED!
She looks to have absolutely divine, long pussy lips. How's about some more of that area?
More of her tits and super proud nips to.
You are so lucky me ole mate. Shes a really picture for sore.......... or even NOT SORE eyes! ! !
What about a photo of her standing facing away from the lense so as whe can see full length body curves. Maybe with her arms stretching upwards & on her tip toes. Thats always a photo to show the beautiful curves of a lady!
Thank you both SO MUCH for these photos