My Slutty Asian Wife!


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My wife told me she was a good little asian virgin when we got married....only to tell me a few years later she had lost her virginity at the ripe age of 3 dudes on the night she lost her virginity!

Then once she moved to America, she fell in love with black and white cocks!!
Since then, she've been fucked by over 150 white and black dudes!!

Her pussy is not as tight as I would like her to be, but her ass is sure still good enough for anyone that wants to fuck her!!

I LIKE TO WATCH anyone that would fuck my wife!!
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I like her pussy, It's very nice.
Her pussy used to be a lot tighter .... now after being fucked close to 200 guys, it's not as tight anymore . Still a beautiful pussy though .....

We are into group sex and I especially like watching my wife getting gangbanged
I have the good fortune to have a sexy Asian wife. she is a lady where it counts and a bbc slut, she has had more than 150 black guys
I love to watch her fuck and suck .
she is also kinda a groupie for famous guys and has spread her legs for some famous black dudes
love to watch her dress sexy, flirt and dance with hot guys. if she likes them she kisses them that's my signal she wants to fuck them